Monday, January 5, 2015

33-koti gods

With Swasthani starting and PK release, there is a bandwagon of scolding Hindu Mythology. I am agnostic and I do not know. However, I do enjoy mythological stories as any other novels and find the similarities in Mahabharata and Homer's Odyssey

Before another negligent person bashes out on 33 crore hindu gods, ....

In AtharvaVeda, Kanda 10, 7th Sukta (Sarvadhaarbarnan) describes about the base/pillar of the universe/creation.

Yasya Trayastrinshad Devaa Ange Sarve Samaahitaa, Skamma Tam Bruhi Katamah Swideva Sah : 13

meaning: Tell me what is that where these 33 gods stay as organ?

Yasya tyrastrinada Devaa nidhim rakshanti sarvada, nidhim tamadhya ko Veda yam deva abhirakshyath: 23

meaning: who and whose treasure is protected by those 33 gods? who knows the one and it's treasure?

Yasya Trayastrinshad Devaa Ange gaatraa vibhejire, tan vai Trayastrinshad Devaaneke Brahmavido vidu: 27

meaning: those 33 gods are decorated as organ of his body, only the sages can perceive those 33 gods

Now, its not 33 crore gods but 33, in fact 33 koti ( type): who are they?

1: Prajaapati (creator)
1: Indra (ruler)
12: Aditya (sons of Aditi, 12 different names of Sun, one for each  month)
11: Rudra (Prana; 5 abstractions of life (lspeech, breath, knowledge, thought, bliss), five shiva-names, and soul itself)
8: Vasu (sun, moon, star and 5 elements (earth, fire, sky, water, wind))

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

PK and Ugly, my thoughts: Part I

Bollywood never ceases to provide the variety and diversity in movies. By the themes, budgets, actors and storylines, Bollywood covers all. The problem is how a viewer finds a movie. I hate the concept of review, specially by professionals because of two reasons; one, movie taste is subjective. second, they don't write against big boy movies. Best bet is to watch most movies possible within the budget and time. I watched quite a few movies in 2014 and PK and Ugly were two of the outstanding movies.

Although I won't reveal the ending, there may be spoilers. Proceed with caution.

First PK.

First of all I am not a comedy movie guy, specially if it is loud, funny face and accent movies. Is PK comedy movie? yes? Is PK uses funny accent and face? not to the extreme, a little but seems that suits the character. There is enough drama in the movie, specially towards the end which I think was uncalled for.

Storyline is not completely innovative, we have seen similar stories, specially Oh My God. PK approaches the subject matter differently than OMG. It is more of innocence and curiosity rather than trying to question and oppose the religion. The movie build up is enough to keep you in the movie. The first half after Jaggu met PK was brilliant. A lot of naive questions and the struggles of PK makes you laugh non-stop. Then comes the second part of the movie with more drama, it does not lack the comedy, thanks to PK's innocence. I find ending the weakest part of the movie with Bollywood like ending.

Music is part of mainstream Bollywood. Music of movies is not what makes the movie and it does not break either.

Amir Khan is excellent as we can always expect him to be. His looks and body language suits the character and it is his acting skill that is keeping PK innocent. Anushka Sharma has fulfilled her duty and is fitting on character and so are Saurabh Sukla, Boman Irani and Sanjay Dutt. Sushant Singh Rajput could have been used more but he has done what was asked.

Overall, it's a must watch movie for the fan of Bollywood. 

Now, Ugly

in another post...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Morning shows the to be wrong

If the first day of the year shows the glimpse of the year, It has to be great personal and enjoyable while academics and work being jeopardized. Was in casino..won...lost...won ...lost...finally left even; slept till clock hits PM; watched game; watched movie...ate food and now trying to sleep.... Lots of work to do this year....and yes I have to do .....the first day may be a waste or just enjoying today..but future will be more like opposite of "I should stop sacrificing my happiness today for the sake of future..""....well that won't be I should begin sacrificing my happiness for the sake of future" but balancing the fun and work and balancing today and future ..forgetting the past.... Damn...I have to watch two great games tomorrow... Georgia/Mich. State...and Ok. State/Stanford.... Good night...