Monday, January 5, 2015

33-koti gods

With Swasthani starting and PK release, there is a bandwagon of scolding Hindu Mythology. I am agnostic and I do not know. However, I do enjoy mythological stories as any other novels and find the similarities in Mahabharata and Homer's Odyssey

Before another negligent person bashes out on 33 crore hindu gods, ....

In AtharvaVeda, Kanda 10, 7th Sukta (Sarvadhaarbarnan) describes about the base/pillar of the universe/creation.

Yasya Trayastrinshad Devaa Ange Sarve Samaahitaa, Skamma Tam Bruhi Katamah Swideva Sah : 13

meaning: Tell me what is that where these 33 gods stay as organ?

Yasya tyrastrinada Devaa nidhim rakshanti sarvada, nidhim tamadhya ko Veda yam deva abhirakshyath: 23

meaning: who and whose treasure is protected by those 33 gods? who knows the one and it's treasure?

Yasya Trayastrinshad Devaa Ange gaatraa vibhejire, tan vai Trayastrinshad Devaaneke Brahmavido vidu: 27

meaning: those 33 gods are decorated as organ of his body, only the sages can perceive those 33 gods

Now, its not 33 crore gods but 33, in fact 33 koti ( type): who are they?

1: Prajaapati (creator)
1: Indra (ruler)
12: Aditya (sons of Aditi, 12 different names of Sun, one for each  month)
11: Rudra (Prana; 5 abstractions of life (lspeech, breath, knowledge, thought, bliss), five shiva-names, and soul itself)
8: Vasu (sun, moon, star and 5 elements (earth, fire, sky, water, wind))